Our team made this business with opportunity to have chance to grow up and from the first day we had an expectation to became the best cleaning service in chicagoland. We got reference, we got name. But all our customers was sale to the other cleaning service separately in accordance with them. To be more concrete we sale name!, professional web site, Logo, and everything from top to bottom, and plus we will provide you with some supplies for the first period. To get new reference just because you still save company's name., Announces Was published in a lot of famous news paper, was a lot of edition made with special strategy to reach new customers like flyers, letters and stuff like that. Some of them can start to call you immediately after you bye it but we do not promise anything. This is business. If you want to run your own business it's a good chance to start it here! I will help you with first steps and a lot of more... Cleaning business does not need a special license and authorization. It's really easy when you have a mentor.  So if you never had deal with the business i can give you the first idea about and than you can easily continue. If interested leave us you number, name and we will get in touch with you shortly. To : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.