Bad credit score?
You have collections? 
Late payments history? 
You don't want to wait 7 years until collection will be removed from your report.
We can help you with this. 


We offer:

Personal loans up to 25,000$ 3-5 years APR 7.1-7.9%

Business loans up to 1,000,000$ APR starts 5,0%

Mortgage loans up to 2,000,000$ 

Refinancing for your real estate.


We are able to remove your collections and review your credit score, you don't need to wait 7 years for this anymore. For us its just take 5-7 business days and your credit score will raise for 50-150 points.

Call us for details: 630-63-LOANS (630)635-6267. Vorbim Romana.

Established in 2011, Best USA Credit & Financial Counseling is an independent credit counseling agency working on behalf of consumers. Our goal, since the beginning, is to provide the most advantageous information and financial counseling services possible. To us, nothing is more important than your financial health and well-being. Our reputation is solid, as we adhere to the strictest standards and guidelines. You can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart. Let us answer your questions and help you get your financial house in order.

BESTUSALOANS.COM Credit & Financial Counseling offers a wealth of credit and financial counseling services that are vital to your financial health. Whether working to repair your credit, providing you with loan counseling, or helping you consolidate your debts, we are here to help you better manage your monetary future. Our counselors will sit with you to assess your finances and come up with a plan that works best for you. The programs we offer help you restructure your debt and workout a payment plan that is agreeable to your creditors and allows you to reach your financial goals.


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