🗄️Hire me as a dispatcher and I will bring those skills

1Born and raised in a village made me a hard-working person. ✔️ 2 When I came alone in USA learned to be well-oriented. ✔️ 3 Working as a restaurant hostess I gained good communication skills and time management.✔️ 4 Being a server at Olive Garden had to be effective at multi-tasking while being in a high pressure environment.✔️ 5 Recently finished an intensive trucking dispatch course. Ask me in PM about this and will send you a picture with me and diploma and a video in class as I was talking with the teacher about what I have learned in that day.✔️ 6 I don't have experience but my friend who is already a dispatcher took me at her job and had some real practice. I have a strong will to learn fast, this will help me to shape my skills and habbits in the way your company needs me to be.✔️ 7 I am familiar with the trucking industry really close since my boyfriend is an owner operator. So, it appears that all those calls around 2 AM he used to call me when he was doing overnight and tell me how this industry works... finally will help me. 😁✔️ 8 Speak fluently English, native Romanian/Moldovian (wrote both them here, some people are "sensitive" about this), I understand russian (will improve it if I have the chance). Oh, know Italian too. ( But who cares, right? )✔️ 9 I have driver license, SSN, work permit and of course car to commute. ✔️ 10 I live in Vernon Hills, Il. North-West side suburbs of Chicago. As far as my requirements, treat me fair, would be a big bonus for me if the office will be in a reasonable distance from my home. ✔️ My name is Lili, your future dispatcher, can be reached: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 305 747 9401. If you text please don't forget office location and company name. Almost forgot, I know many companies require you to have some sense of humor, still working on that but I already followed hundreds of pages with funny cats on the internet. 👀 🐈

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