Hello my name is Irina, recently finished an intensive training dispatch course. I don't have experience, but the dispatch training which I graduated will help me learn fast. Also, since my boyfriend is a truck driver, I am familiar with many stuff from the perspective of a driver.

My native language is romanian (or Moldovian, depends who you ask :D ), also speak a conversational russian, and as you expect, English. Before I worked as a server at Olive Garden, this helped me to develop communication skills and be able to work under the pressure. I was born in a village, so "hardworking" is my second name. M

focus will be to bring value to your company and do the BEST I can! Of course, I have SSN, driver license, car and a lot of ENERGY to invest in this job. I live currently in Buffalo Grove area, and looking to work for YOU! Can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2244338176


Note: inexperience isn't always a bad thing, this way you will gain loyal employees and they are first people willing to learn and adapt. (and cost effective :/ )

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