Simona Radut

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F 20.02.1982

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Languages-Romanian, English, Spanish (beginner)

 Social skills and competences – Excellent e-mail, phone and written communication skills for interacting with internal clients, guests and staff members.- ability to interact with different types of  personalities 
Organizational skills and Competences- I’m able to organize my work in a  proficient way in order to be efficient and effective. I am highly adaptable and quick to learn. 
Computer skills and competences- knowledgeable in the use of office machines ( copy machines, fax machines),efficient use of basic application :word processing, electronic presentation, web navigation… Good knowledge of electronic communication and collaboration .Access  and use information and services via internet. Take into account issues of privacy and security in use of computers..   

Work Experience: 
TRANSLATOR-INTERPRETER 01.06.2009-20.11.2009
Company:US Army
Working city: Constanta
Department:  Headquarters Detachment ,Engineer Brigade
Company activity field : US Army
Responsibilities:Translate from Romanian to English all documents , including correspondence motions, briefs, reports, agreements, ensuring that all deadlines are met and the quality of translation is adequate, and that any translated material is receive by the requestor. Keep track of all translations of documents and maintain copies of the translated materials; Interpreting during meetings with high-rank . 

Manager - front deskCompany Hotel Union*** 1.03.2007 /29.11.2008

Responsibilities:Meeting / Greeting.Monitoring Phone Lines.Reservations.Checking In  Guest.Checking Out Guest.Incoming and outgoing calls, wake-up calls.Making reservations for future dates.All final payments was confirmed, and whatever the guest needed to make their departure comfortable was my pleasure to assist them.
Recommendation. Daniela McLean-Director    Phone:  01140766543739 

Manager RestaurantCompany Emona House 2005-2006
Recommendation:Gherghe Emanuel-ownerPhone:01140745154172 

 TRANSLATOR-INTERPRETER 01.04.2005 – 15.05.2005
Company:US Army
Recommendation:   Maj John Herrera:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.-Phone:              806-744-7611        
Company: HOTEL PALAS**** 01.04.2004 - 15.09.2004
Recommendation :Director :Brailoiu Tit Phone no.01140241831015

 RECEPTIONIST 01.04.2003 - 15.09.2003
Company:Hotel Solero***
Recommendation:Mrs Bob EmilThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          
  i)          "Mihai Eminescu" high school, (chemistry – biology specialization);
    ii)         " Ovidius University "- tourism and  economy specialization;
       “ Ovidius University ”- Master, Management in Business Projects,  
Degree or diploma/ certificate  obtained:
   iii)         Certificate of Proficiency for basic safety training;
   iv)        Certificate of Proficiency for:
1.   proficiency crowd management;
2.    ships familiarization training;
3.   safety training for personnel providing direct service  to passengers in passengers space;
4. proficiency in passengers safety  cargo safety full integrity;
5  proficiency in crisis management and human behave.
v)  International computer school  ( Excel, Word)
  vi)   qualification clases for receptionist 

Artistic skills and competences- black belt in martial arts…

Achievements with my jobs:I learnt many things, but most of all i valued the way i dealt with the customer developed my tolerance and integrity on the job.
Quality-oriented translation.Understanding and respect for rules of service.
I consider myself a balanced person, highly motivated and with a clear view of my future goals, willing to develop a career to sustain both my financial and professional growth.    

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