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Steaua Bucharest owner Gigi Becali hopes to wipe out hooliganism and on-field violence by playing hymns and religious music at the soccer stadium in Romania, Reuters reported Wednesday. "[I will play] only religious songs before the matches, because I'm the one who pays and this is the way I like it," Becali told reporters. Among the songs eliminated? Queen's "We will rock you." "Why play that song? So the players kill each other?" asked Becali. "Whoever wants [to hear] devil's music should not come to my stadium." Becali, who Reuters reports used his soccer fame to create a local ultranationalist party, is second in presidential polls and has attracted support by helping build churches across Romania. Players also will be forced to pay between 5,000 and 30,000 euros ($40,600) if they appear upset after being substituted for or dropped. "All my players must be happy," Reuters quoted Becali as saying.

Chicago Tribune

18 persoane (mai multi cetateni americani si cativa est-europeni, dintre care si 2 romani) au fost arestate la Chicago, si vor fi judecate pentru 17 capete de acuzare pentru implicarea in organizarea de casatorii de convenienta pentru obtinerea de green card-uri. Daca vor fi gasiti vinovati, fiecare cap de acuzare poate duce la un maximum de 5 ani de inchisoare si $250,000 amenda.

Citeste articolul complet (in limba engleza)

Lista persoanelor acuzate
Tammy Daniels, 37
Tina Chaney, 33
Leonard Leonte, 33*
Brooke Thompson, 22
Bridgette Thompson, 25
Cari Arrieta, 24;
Fred Chaney, 41;
Linda Laskowski, 44;
Amy Dupree, 25
Janis Murnieks, 29;
Nicolay Nankinov, 38,
Vanco Dimitrov, 27
Edgars Ivulans, 29;
Ewa Jelen, 49;
Boris Medik, 58
Laurentiu Gavra, 29*


English-language books for Peace Corps teachers
A Thousand Books is hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m., at the Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library, 225 North Euclid Avenue in the
Central West End.

A Thousand Books is a non-profit organization with the mission to collect and to distribute English language books to teachers outside of the United States in support of Teaching English as a Foreign Language programs.

Since its founding in 2004, A Thousand Books has sent over 4½ tons of books to teachers in Romania and other places.

At this meeting, A Thousand Books founder John Korst will discuss the organization’s mission and history and volunteer opportunities. Korst will also discuss his experiences visiting Peace Corps teachers and selected schools.

For more information, visit


The debate over the bipartisan immigration bill in the Senate could last for weeks. Liberals say the bill limits opportunities for unskilled workers, while conservatives say the bill gives “amnesty” to those who have broken the law.

Illegal immigrants
- Could seek a "Z visa," which would give immediate work authorization if they arrived in the United States before January 1, 2007
- Head of household would have to return to their home country within eight years; would be guaranteed the right to return to the U.S.
- Applicants would have to pay a $5,000 staggered penalty

Guest workers
"Y visas" would be issued to 400,000 guest workers per year.
- Guest workers would enter the U.S. on two-year visas, return home for a year, then re-enter for additional two years. May enter three times (total six years) if not bringing family, but only one time if bringing family.
- Guest workers earn points toward merit-based green card.
- May bring families on 30-day visitor visas each year.

- Border fencing would be strengthened.
- The number of Border Patrol agents would be increased.
- Employers who hire undocumented workers would face fines.
- The guest worker program cannot begin until enforcement provisions are in place, which Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff estimates will take 18 months.

Sursa: CNN

"Legea Imigrarii" sustinuta la Washington, intr-o forma favorabila celor aproximativ 12.000.000 de imigranti din SUA, este acum sub asediu din toate partile

Citeste de asemenea "Noua lege a imigrarii, pe scurt"

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Senate Tuesday could debate and vote on two Democratic amendments that would dramatically alter the bipartisan legislation announced last week.

The bill is the result of a deal struck after nearly three months of bipartisan talks and endorsed by the White House last week. It would offer the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants now in the United States a path to citizenship, boost border controls and establish a guest-worker program that would grant two-year residency for up to 400,000 people. (Interactive:Immigration bill at a glance)

North Dakota Democrat Sen. Byron Dorgan's amendment would eliminate the guest worker program entirely. The amendment offered by Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-New Mexico, would cut the program in half.

Many Democrats don't like the program because they think it drives down wages for American workers and creates a permanent underclass of immigrant workers. (Watch how the bill is already being blasted from all sides Video)

Republicans generally favor a strong guest worker program because businesses say they need the labor.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, one of the negotiators who crafted the agreement, said he is concerned about both amendments passing but especially Bingaman's because a similar amendment passed last year with 79 votes.

Graham said passage of the amendment "would throw things out of kilter but not completely off track."

No word yet what Republicans will offer as an amendment but Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, said Monday he's hoping it will be his proposal to make English the official language of the U.S.

Key bill negotiators are to huddle privately before floor action begins to determine how they'll vote on the various amendments. They say they'll do this each day to ensure they can preserve the "grand bargain" they forged.

The bill survived its first hurdle Monday evening, a 69-23 procedural vote that brought the measure to the Senate floor. Opponents argued the 380-page bill needed closer scrutiny before coming before the chamber, but they fell short of the 41 votes needed to keep it off the floor.

After saying they wanted to act on the bill before the Memorial Day holiday, Senate leaders set aside two weeks for debate, with a week-long break for Memorial Day in between.

Some lawmakers complained they have not yet finished reading the 380-page bill, which was distributed over the weekend.

"Why are we in the midst of this rush to judgment, this rush to pass this bill?" asked Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana. "I believe there's a very simple political answer, and it is that if the American people fully understood what is buried in this bill, there would be a massive outcry against it."

Vitter complained that the legislation was coming to the floor without review by Senate committees or an analysis of its financial impact by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. And Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, said the bill "needs some time to be disinfected by the light of day."

But one of the bill's architects, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Kennedy, called the plan "strong, realistic and fair."

"It provides tough new enforcement at the border and the work site," Kennedy said. "It allows a realistic path to family security and eventual citizenship for millions of men, women and children already here. And it provides a new system for allocating visas in the future that stresses family reunion and national economic needs."

The measure would grant immediate work authorization to undocumented workers who arrived in the United States before January 1, 2007. Heads of households would have to return to their home countries within eight years, with a guaranteed the right to return, and applicants would also have to pay a $5,000 penalty.

Kennedy said to qualify for legal status, undocumented workers have to work, pay taxes, learn English and "get in line for their green cards" behind people who have already applied legally.

It would also give the Department of Homeland Security new tools to crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants and double the size of the Border Patrol by adding 14,000 new agents.

The bill has drawn fire from conservative critics, who blasted it as "amnesty" for undocumented workers; and from liberals, who say it unfairly limits opportunities for unskilled workers and would split families.

"Instead of punishing these people, a few senators and the administration have crafted a large-scale get-out-of-jail-free pass," said Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Kentucky.

Graham challenged critics to "do more than just shout amnesty."

"This debate is about the future of the United States, when it comes to our national security, our employment needs, our ability to compete with the world for the labor force that exists," he said. "And at the heart of this debate, it's about who we are as a people."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the bill is "not perfect," and warned that as written, it could end up creating a "permanent underclass" of guest workers. But he said the measure can be amended during debate.

"I think we can all agree that the spirit of bipartisanship behind it is encouraging. We'll continue along that road in the coming days," said Reid, D-Nevada.

But one of the bill's supporters, Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, said its advocates represent "a very fragile coalition." If the fundamental elements of the proposal are changed, "We're going to run the risk of losing senators," he said.

President Bush backed the measure last week, telling reporters it would treat immigrants "without amnesty but without animosity." A former Texas governor, Bush has long sought to overhaul American immigration policies and successfully courted Latino support during his political career. (Watch Bush administration defend bill and Democrats express doubts Video)

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll taken in early May found 80 percent support for creating a path for illegal immigrants to seek U.S. citizenship, provided they had a job and paid back taxes. But respondents were closely split on the idea of a guest-worker program, with 48 percent supporting the concept and 50 percent opposed.

Sursa: CNN


Va rog mult transmiteti pe toate canalele invitatia de a avea cat mai multi romani la demonstratia Pro-Basescu de duminica 13 mai a.c. de la ora 3:oo pm in fata consulatului, pe Chicago avenue!

în ziua de Duminica 13 mai 2007, între orele 3:oo pm si 4:oo pm

Românii din Chicago si împrejurimi ce doresc sa-si arate sprijinul pentru presedintele Traian Basescu si sunt împotriva demiterii sale, sunt invitati sa participe la o demonstratie ce va avea loc vis-a-vis de intrarea în cladirea Consulatului General al României, respectiv la adresa 737 N. Michigan Avenue în centrul orasului Chicago.

Acest mars se va desfasura de la intersectia strazilor Michigan Avenue cu Chicago Avenue (exact lânga cladirea muzeului pompierilor "Chicago Fire Water Tower") continuând pe Chicago Avenue spre est pe un tronson de 500 de metri.

În jurul orei 3:30 pm vom avea legatura directa telefonic cu România prilej cu care participantilor la demonstratie li se va adresa conducerea campaniei de sprijin pentru presedintele Basescu (se pare ca însusi presedintele Basescu se va adresa participantilor -Live).

Persoanele care doresc sa participe la aceasta demonstratie si nu au posibilitatea transportului spre centrul orasului pot beneficia de transportul gratuit cu microbuze puse la dispozitie pentru acest eveniment. Totodata, este important de notat faptul ca parcarea este disponibila pe strazile în vecinatatea muzeului Water Tower întrucât în ziua de duminica centrul orasului nu este aglomerat. Pentru detalii suplimentare va rugam contactati redactia ziarului Romanian Tribune sau echipa Televiziunii Crestine Române RCTV, postul Radio 27 on-line sau postul de Radio Valahia.
Best Regards,
Steven V. Bonica
Executive Director / President
Romanian-American Network Inc.
7847 N. Caldwell Ave.
Niles, IL 60714-3320
Office: (847) 663-0950
Fax: (847) 663-0960
Cell: (708) 243-2727
Enriching lives, connecting people, strengthening relationships!

Aveti, mai jos, coordonatele sectiilor de votare din zona de mid-west:

Consulatul Onorific al Romaniei
613 Abbott Street
Detroit, MI  48226
tel:  1-313-442-1320

Consulatul Onorific al Romaniei
5705 West 73rd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46278
tel:  1-317-291-0608

St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church
Father George Oanca
854  Woodbridge Street
St. Paul, MN 55117
tel: 1-651-488-5669

Consulate General of Romania in Chicago
737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1170, Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: 312- 573-1315; Fax: 312- 573-9771
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sambata, 19 mai 2007, între orele 8:00 si 20:00 , Consulatul general al Romaniei din Chicago, 737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1170 (intrarea prin Chicago Avenue) va organiza referendumul prin care cetatenii români îsi pot exprima optiunea asupra demiterii Presedintelui României.

La referendum pot participa toti cetatenii români care au împlinit vârsta de 18 ani pâna în ziua referendumului inclusiv, pe baza unui act de identitate românesc valabil. Prin act de identitate se întelege pasaport diplomatic, pasaport de serviciu, pasaport simplu sau pasaport consular, titlu de calatorie, carte de identitate, carte de identitate provizorie, buletin de identitate.

Avand in vedere timpul scurt pana la referendum, adresam rugamintea ca cetatenii romani care nu detin acte de identitate valabile sa contacteze cat mai curand oficiile consulare ale Romaniei din Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles sau New York pentru indeplinirea formalitatilor de obtinere, in conditiile legii, a unui titlu de calatorie, care atesta detinerea cetateniei romane.

Precizam ca titlurile de calatorie pot fi obtinute numai de la sectia consulara a Ambasadei Romaniei la Washington si de la Consulatele generale din Chicago, Los Angeles si New York, context in care cetatenii romani care detin pasapoarte expirate si doresc sa voteze la un consulat onorific sunt rugati sa obtina titlul de calatorie anterior datei de 19 mai. Mentionam ca titlul de calatorie solicitat pentru exercitarea dreptului de vot va fi eliberat

Cetatenii români care voteaza în strainatate vor completa o declaratie pe proprie raspundere (un formular standard) din care sa rezulte faptul ca nu si-au exercitat sau nu îsi exercita dreptul la vot în aceeasi zi pe baza altui act de identitate. Mentionam ca, potrivit legislatiei romane in vigoare, nu este posibil votul electronic sau prin corespondenta.

Inca de la inceput vreau sa precizez ca nu voi vota dumineca,asta pentru ca cu mare mandrie am renuntat la cetatenia romana si la tot ce inseamna Romania(bineinteles cu cateva exceptii la care nu poti renunta nicicand,famile,rude,prieteni,locurile copilariei s.amd.)Am decis sa traiesc in aceasta tara si am acceptat totul asa cum este aici.Bineinteles ca fiecare om a trebuit oarecum sa traiesc in mijlocul unei comunitati.Pot afirma cu respect ca comunitatea romana din America este o comunitate serioasa si am aratat lumii de aici si uneori si altora ca sintem un neam de oameni cumsecade.Asa cum sa putut sa cladit aceasta comunitate de lungul anilor.Pe linga o bisericuta,pe linga un locas de cult sau alte feluri de a ne grupa noi am supravietuit si traim chiar bine.Nu am simtit dealungul acestor ani nevoia de ajutor a vreunui politician Roman.Asta si din cauza ca nu nea disparut inca gustul amar al comunismului,al securistilor si a pupinkkuristilor care faceau orce sa fie undeva in fatza.Din pacate sa-u strecurat si printre noi o sumedenie de astfel de lingai care si-au facut loc impinganduse in fata si crezand ca ei pot ajuta comunitatea romana.Doar doua exemple imi atrag atentia: Cazul Mircea Lubanovici-Acest individ traieste din niste fantezii!!!!A invatat cateva 'tricuri' si vrea sa pacaleasca lumea naiva.Daca acest individ va fi ales, atunci veti demonstra ca nivelul gruparii din comunitatea romana ce asa zis il reprezinta este ZERO.De ce a evitat dezbaterea deschisa intre candidati? Pentru ca nu prea stie despre ce vorbeste.Catzva prietenasi il sustin si il imping in fata,probabil sa-i ia banii.Cred ca cea mai buna alegere a lui este sa vanda in continuare baticuri la ucrainencele din Portland si cam atat.
Stefan Movila.Ascultati-l pe youtube si va va fi rusine ca sinteti roman.Sa "refugiat" la Atlanta anul trecut sa nu-l agatze potera in Romania, si acum crede ca cei ce au ales calea pribegiei de zeci de ani sunt fraieri.Nea Movila lasa-ne in pace ca te faci de ras.Nu inteleg de ce astia cred ca noi avem nevoie de ajutor!!!! Eu cred ca ei au avut nevoie de ajutorul nostru.Nu am nevoie de ajutorul tau Lubanovici si Movila si oricare ai fi tu asa zis alesul diasporei.lasa-te de pupinkkurism macar aici ca nu tine.Nu am nevoie de cetatenia Romana si nici de politica voastra primitiva.Deci strangeti porcariile de politica si treceti la treaba tovarasi membri de partid.NU politicienilor Romani in comunitatea diaspora!!

Pre WMC Opening Party w/ Amsterdam Nights & Seara Romaneasca & Radio69Online
**** NO COVER  - INTRAREA PLATITA DE: Seara Romaneasca & Radio69Online ****

Dj Cezar AKA Rome: by CeZaR (Seara Romaneasca, Spy-Bar, Amsterdam Nights, VISION)
Dj Mike Mroz (Radio69Online, Y Bar)

TIMA FEI - N.O.R. DJs (Rezident in Sound Bar)

::::::::: ADAUGAT RECNT ::::::::::

ERIK K - Dance Factory Radio (92.7 FM) & Resident in Sound Bar


Usile se deschid @ 9:00 PM
Intrarea Platita De: Radio69Online, Amsterdam Nights, Seara Romaneasca, Red Bull

Alegerile pentru Preşedintele României precum şi referendumul naţional au loc duminică, 22 noiembrie 2009, între orele 07.00 – 21.00 !

Secţiile de votare din zona de Midwest a S.U.A.:


Romanian Heritage Center

Adresa: 7777 N. Caldwell Avenue, Suite 102, Niles, IL 60714

T: 847-663-0950 / F: 847-663-0960


Biserica Ortodoxă Sfânta Maria

Adresa: 854 Woodbridge Street, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN 55117

T: 651-488-5669


Consulatul General al României

Adresa: 737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1170, Chicago, IL 60611

T: 312-573-1315 / F: 312-573-9771


Arhiepiscopia Ortodoxă Română pentru S.U.A. şi Canada – Catedrala Sf. Impăraţi Constantin şi Elena

Adresa: 5410 N. Newland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60656

T: 773-774-1677 / F: 773-774-1805


Biserica Penticostală Română Philadelphia

Adresa: 1713 West Sunnyside Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641

T: 773-728-2727 / F: 773-202-8080


Biserica Naşterea Domnului

Adresa: 5825 North Mozart, Chicago, IL 60659

T: 773-878-4270 / F: 847-498-0503


Biserica Română Penticostală Bethesda
Adresa: 2075 E. Long Lake Rd., Troy, MI 48085

T: 248-740-7507

Pot vota toţi cetăţenii români aflaţi în străinătate (inclusiv turiştii), pe baza următoarelor documente prevăzute de lege, aflate în termenul de valabilitate:

cartea de identitate; cartea de identitate provizorie; buletinul de identitate;

paşaportul simplu; paşaportul simplu electronic; paşaportul simplu temporar;

paşaportul diplomatic; paşaportul diplomatic electronic; paşaportul de serviciu; paşaportul de serviciu electronic.

titlul de călătorie (acesta se eliberează în cazul în care documentele de identitate menţionate mai sus nu mai sunt valabile sau au fost pierdute).

Pentru mai multe informaţii, vă punem la dispoziţie „Ghidul alegătorului român din străinătate” şi site-ul MAE, secţiunea „Alegeri prezidenţiale/referendum 2009”:

Pentru alte detalii, vă recomandăm să accesaţi site-ul Autorităţii Electorale Permanente: şi pe cel al Biroului Electoral Central:

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