My name is Bogdan and i'm from Romania.

I'm searching for a dispatcher job for US trucks. I never worked with US trucks before but i have 5 years of experience on truck European community. I have been working in this field for 5 years and i know how everything work, US is a little bit different but i can learn very fast.

In Europe i had 25 trucks under surveillance and my job was to find jobs for this trucks, where to load/unload, give them gas station, hiring drivers, to communicate permanently with drivers, clients and company that we work, to find contracts, to negotiate contracts with clients, travel in Belgium, Netherland, Denmark and Germany for meeting with our clients, making invoice, payments, etc. I know what it means transport.

I would like to find a company for long term collaboration to come and work in US or to work from home in Romania. I can learn fast without problem. If company is big and need more dispatchers i can bring more people to work for them and to learn how dispatching work on US soil.

To see that i'm a serious man i can travel to US and learn there how dispatching work on US and after to come back and work from home but i prefer to work from US.

If someone is interested please contact me and we can do a great job together.

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Thank you!

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